10 Inspired phrases from montessori to deal with “mean” behavior from children

Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with unpleasant behavior from children. It can be challenging for parents to respond appropriately without criticizing or discouraging the child. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques and approaches for dealing with the everyday difficulties of dealing with children. In this article, we will learn 10 Montessori-inspired phrases that can help build respectful and loving relationships, even when the child’s behavior takes time and patience.
An important Montessori principle is to treat children with respect. Successful parents and educators realize that children learn by making mistakes and that these mistakes provide valuable learning opportunities. Through frequent and open conversations, the child can become capable of understanding their feelings and developing positive behaviors. Montessori ensures that the child never feels that they are being judged meanly or unfairly by their parents or teachers. Here are 10 inspired phrases from Montessori that can help keep you calm and collected in difficult situations.

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After all, who among us moms and dads hasn’t experienced that moment when their own child was mean to someone else? Or even to yourself? Some children sometimes seem to be intentionally mean and their parents wonder what they can do to help them.

The Montessori method offers some inspired phrases that parents can use to teach their children how to interact with others and how to express their feelings without being mean.

  • Share your feelings. If your child is mean, show them how to properly express their feelings by saying, for example, “I feel hurt when you talk to me like that.”
  • Think about what it would be like to be in their place. This will help your child develop empathy and understand how their words and actions can affect others.
  • Ask questions and listen. By asking questions, your child can better understand their thoughts and feelings and learn how to communicate constructively.
10 Inspired phrases from montessori to deal with 'mean' behavior from children

By using these Montessori-inspired phrases, parents can help their children improve their social skills and develop positive behavior that will help them build good relationships with others.

Montessori-inspired phrases for dealing with difficult behaviors

Montessori is an educational method used to promote social skills and behavior regulation in children. In this article, we give you 10 Montessori-inspired phrases that can help you reduce difficult behaviors in children.

10 Inspired phrases from montessori to deal with 'mean' behavior from children
  1. “I can see you’re upset” – This phrase is helpful in showing children that you notice and understand their feelings. Children are often quick to feel misunderstood and misunderstood, but if you signal that you see their emotions, they can become more confident and reassured.
  2. “You can say the word, but say it politely” – This phrase shows that you accept your child’s opinions and wishes, but that it is important to communicate politely and respectfully.
  3. “Let’s help together” – This phrase shows that you are willing to work together to achieve a goal, rather than just one child being responsible.
  4. “I’m here if you need me” – This phrase can help children feel that they are not alone, even if they are having problems or exhibiting bad behavior.

In this way, the Montessori method can help create a positive dynamic between children and parents, the key words of which are empathy, respect, and cooperation.


Montessori-inspired phrases can be an effective way to deal with a “mean” person child to deal with. By putting the responsibility for their actions on them and helping them understand their emotions, you build their self-esteem and enable them to improve their behavior.

It is important to recognize that a child who is seen as a “mean” Is probably just trying to express his or her needs and feelings. By helping them communicate their emotions in healthy ways, you can improve their relationships with other children and help them resolve conflicts peacefully.

  • It’s normal to be angry, but it’s not okay to hurt others.
  • What you just did hurt your friend. How would you feel if someone did that to you?
  • I can see that you are angry. Can you tell me what is going on?

While these phrases may not provide immediate results, they can have a positive impact on a child’s behavior. By showing them that their actions have consequences, you foster their ability to empathize and help them build positive long-term relationships.

10 Inspired phrases from montessori to deal with 'mean' behavior from children

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