The Kent County Health Department is reporting the arrival last week of the first 100 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines that will be administered beginning March 15, said Kent Health Officer William Webb on Monday.

The new J&J vaccine approved 10 days ago by the FDA is a single dose immunization process unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which require two shots given weeks apart.

March 8 begins Week13 of Kent’s vaccination program that began in late December and all of the 986 scheduled vaccinations are slated for second doses. Webb said the county will receive 600 doses this week, which will be used for appointments scheduled for next week.

The county has been reassigning many of the first dose allocations from the state to second doses because of the time sensitivity in delivering second doses. Last week 529 of the 600 doses received the previous week went to second doses.  But Webb said the 600 doses it expects from the state this week will be more evenly split next week between first and second doses.