Kent Economy Development Director Jamie Williams said 127 small businesses in Kent have applied for grants worth $1,000 each from the county’s revolving loan fund.

The application process was launched online last Thursday at 10 a.m. and by Friday 110 applications had been received. By Monday at 11 a.m., 17 more applications had been submitted, Williams said in a brief interview.

There are 75 grants available and designed to give first priority to small businesses that have been unable to get assistance from state and federal programs. But businesses that had received state and federal assistance could still apply and be considered if there were funds remaining. 

Williams said there were 42 businesses that had already received state and/or federal assistance.

“Their applications are set aside until we get through this first batch,” She said.  

Williams said 85 businesses applied that met the initial criteria of having received no aid, but they will need to be verified to make sure their businesses are in “good standing” with the state, and then the first 75 that applied will receive funds.

“We’re in the approval process right now,” she said. “We’re thinking a week to two weeks is the latest we’ll give this money out.”

Update: The county pulled $10,000 from the general fund to fund the 10 additional applicants that qualified for the grant.