Make Sure to Get Your Landing Permit before Rockfish Season Starts

CENTREVILLE – Rockfish season officially kicks off on Friday, May 1. Many citizens are wondering where they may purchase landing permits.

With the Executive Order regarding social distancing and the ban on recreational boating, you are still allowed to do limited fishing to provide food for your family.

You can contact the Parks and Recreation Department directly to purchase a landing permit:

1945 4-H Park Road

Centreville, MD 21617


Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

Landing permits can also be purchased at the following local establishments:

  • L&B Marina, Stevensville
  • Western Auto, Stevensville
  • Western Auto, Centreville
  • Price and Gannon Ace, Centreville
  • Draper’s Liquors
  • Rhodes Store, Church Hill
  • Outback store, Crumpton
  • JBK Ace, Chestertown

For additional guidance on boating, fishing and hunting during COVID-19 visit:

For more information about Queen Anne’s County Parks and Recreation visit: