50 Million. Euro loans for sofia sidewalks

The City of Sofia will receive a EUR 50 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to upgrade and repair its sidewalks. The project is part of a larger modernization plan to improve infrastructure and quality of life in the Bulgarian capital.

50 Million. Euro loans for sofia sidewalks

Modernization of sidewalks is an important step to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. In Sofia, where many sidewalks are in poor condition, the EIB loan will help make the streets safer and more accessible. The project will also promote job creation and strengthen the local economy.

50 Million. Euro loans for sofia sidewalks

The EIB is a major financing institution of the European Union. It provides support for projects across Europe and promotes economic development and social progress. With the Sofia sidewalks loan, the EIB once again demonstrates its commitment to improving the city’s infrastructure and promoting sustainability.

A lot of money for Sofia sidewalks

The city of Sofia will receive a total of 50 million euros in financial support for the renovation and maintenance of its sidewalks. This money is provided as a loan from the European Union.

50 Million. Euro loans for sofia sidewalks

Sofia’s sidewalks have long been a major problem for the city. They are often damaged and cracked, which can lead to accidents. The municipality has tried to solve this problem in the past, but without success. With this loan, much needed repairs can finally be made.

The renovation of the sidewalks will bring many benefits. It will increase the safety of people in the city and improve the overall appearance of the city. It will also improve accessibility for people with disabilities, allowing more people to live fully and safely in Sofia.

  • 50 million euro loan from the EU
  • Sofia sidewalks often damaged and cracked
  • Renovation of sidewalks brings many benefits

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