One of the dormitories at Washington College went into mandatory quarantine on Feb. 12 following an outbreak of COVID-19 that identified 11 infections, said a Feb. 16 press release from Kelley Wallace, the college’s media director.

Update: As of Friday, Feb. 19, three additional students in the dorm tested positive for COVID-19. Another student tested positive for COVID-19 but it was unrelated to the outbreak in the dorm, Wallace said in a followup Friday.

Wallace’s said that the college had moved quickly to isolate the dorm on Feb. 12.

“While all students who have tested positive were quickly moved into the designated isolation housing per the established protocols, the remaining residents were potentially exposed to the virus prior to the positive test, due to the congregate setting,” The press release said.

Students had the choice of remaining in isolation in the dorms or returning to their primary residence.

Those who chose to leave campus were required to isolate for two weeks and inform their families of the risks of them returning home; a signed acknowledgement was required by the college. 

Students were also required to provide detailed information about their whereabouts during their leave from campus.

On their return to campus, students are required to submit negative test results within 72 hours.

All students living in the dorm were tested on Feb. 16 and more testing is scheduled for Feb. 19. 

During quarantine, staff isolation coordinators will be delivering meals and educational materials to the dorm as needed, Wallace said.

The college’s internal alert status was red for the dorm, but remains yellow for the rest of the campus.

The Kent Pilot will followup on any new developments.