Chestertown’s Arts & Entertainment District officially introduced its colorfully painted community piano during the Spring Art Walk on Saturday, April 24, with a ribbon cutting and a stellar line up of pianists to entertain passersby.

The used upright piano was prepped for painting by artist and furniture up-cycler Samantha Arrow of Walnut & Wool. Chestertown artist and graphic designer Barbara Slocum then covered the surfaces with locally themed designs, from the dancing couples from Legacy Day’s logo to George Washington’s head and the Sultana’s decorative bowsprit.

Bad Al’s Distillery has kindly kept the Piano in the restaurant area over the winter. Saturday was the A&E District’s first opportunity to roll it out onto the sidewalk for a public ribbon cutting. Acting Mayor Megan Efland did the honors, flanked by the two artists, Arrow and Slocum.

Pianist Phillip Dutton was the first talented professional pianist to play the A&E Piano. He was followed by Al Martinez, Joe Holt and Bill Drazga.

The A&E Piano will be rolled out in good weather for First Fridays and other special events and activities, and anyone will be welcome to sit down and play. For questions about its use, email