Author selfie demonstrating proper masking when heading for the bar from garden dining at the Kitchen at the Imperial.

As we enjoy this weekend, let’s exercise situational and legal awareness by adhering to Gov. Larry Hogan’s new facemask order. The Kent County Health Department has sent out a warning to local bars and restaurants operators to be vigilant and enforce facemask requirements — or be subject to penalties.

Kent Health Officer William Webb continues to express concern about the lack of compliance with mask wearing and social distancing.

“Mask-free” believers should rethink the efficacy of wearing masks. Herman Cain is dead at 74 from COVID-19.

Cain, a Republican, had embraced the #COVID-19NoMaskNotMe Movement. He attended the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he reportedly contracted the virus.

Cain became a leading food industry executive at Pillsbury, Burger King, and Godfather’s Pizza. He served on the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City and later as president of the National Restaurant Association. He ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

Born in 1945 in west Memphis, Tenn., his parents both worked tirelessly so their two sons could graduate from college. His mother cleaned and his father was the driver for Coca Cola Company president Robert Woodruff, among his many jobs. Cain described his family as “poor but happy.” He graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics and Purdue University with a Master’s in Computer Science.

This is a loss of an inspirational talent.

Governor Hogan’s most recent Executive Order (20-06-10-01) requires the use of face coverings by all workers AND customers.

This means that customers must wear a face covering when they enter or traverse through an establishment — that includes when patrons leave their table to go to the bar or use the restroom. You can take your mask off at the table, though it is encouraged to re-mask when food is served.

Hogan said in his July 29 press conference,  that he has given local leaders the power to protect public health using the broadest powers.

Refusing to follow the Emergency Order of July 29 for facemasks, could subject businesses to closure until the State of Emergency is lifted.

So far our community has been spared a serious community transmission of COVID-19. Our bars and restaurants are open and here to serve you.

Do your part for a safe dining experience and wear a mask. You are also required to mask when outdoors and social distancing of six feet is not achievable.

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