Over the last three decades, Bishop Frison has educated many of Kent County’s children. He also serves as chaplain to the Kent County Detention Center and the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Department. He is past chair of the Kent County Local Management Board. He is also a past member of the local social services board.

As a pastor, he has married many Kent County couples and currently leads his congregation, The Living Water Greater Highway Church of Christ.

The Kent Pilot interviewed Bishop Frison, where he discussed anti-racism and the history making decision Monday by the Chestertown Council to adopt “Black Lives Matter” as the town’s public speech — and to put it in writing on our streets.

In the days leading up to Monday’s historic vote, Bishop Frison led the community with wisdom and dignity, as he knows no other way, to make the murals possible when the mural proposal by Wanda Boyer, Maria Wood and Arlene Lee seemed headed for defeat.