Bohemia Trading Company on approach to Chester River Bridge. Photo by Stephen Meehan.

Kingstown is an important gateway to Kent County.

One iconic Kingstown property is the “Larrimore’s Store” building. It is the white canopied retail structure on the right at the corner of Church Hill Road (Md. 213) and Anthony Road approaching the Chester River Bridge.

It has been a long time since Howard Larrimore held court there. I can still remember the days when Juliet Lamuth, a Filipino immigrant, made her prodigious cheese steak subs there. Her husband Sam, from Cambodia, ran his Volkswagen repair garage next door.  They retired more than 20 years ago.

Since then, a succession of businesses has come and gone, but none stayed very long nor did they really settle in.

When I heard there was activity at the property and then saw the stunning show window appear, I knew someone had gotten serious and I went to visit.

The new owner, Susanne McLean, is a vivacious entrepreneur who was introduced to Chestertown and the Eastern Shore about four years ago and “immediately felt comfortable here.”  She has since bought a home in Chestertown and has been commuting “several times a week from the D. C. area.”

“I have run a successful women’s and children’s apparel business, ‘Catch Can,’ in Chevy Chase for 38 years, and was thinking it was time to retire,” McClean said. When she discovered the building and saw potential.

“I guess I have the retail bug, I tracked down the owner.”

Bohemia Trading Company was underway. I saw just a sampling of McLean’s fashionable women’s clothing collection, but it appears to complement the Eastern Shore lifestyle with comfortable pretty styles in luscious colors.

When you drive by you will see she has enclosed the drive-thru under the canopy with large planters now hosting a robust hedge of cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) in full bloom.

There is parking on the Anthony Road side of the building. Brian Thompson of Red Door Remodeling has crafted the handsome show window that will soon be teasing Route 213 drivers with temptations that lie beyond the inviting entrance.

McClean plans to open in June once the state reopens. In the meantime, she is developing her website and arranging her stock–from ladies’ wear to infants and children’s soft cotton outfits to smart broad-brimmed hats to comfy shoes to gift ideas and other surprises.  I am looking forward to seeing how the unique display props will be interwoven among her extensive variety of merchandise.

This is a terrific addition to Kingstown, which is also the home of Anthony Flowers and nursery operations, The Mill, and C.J.’s Auto Repair, all of which are considered essential and open. I can attest. I just secured my 2020 Anthony hybrid geraniums.  They are going quick.