Fire and chaos in hong kong: students flee surrounded university

In Hong Kong, protests against the government and the Chinese government’s influence over the city have intensified in recent months. Especially the younger generation, including many students, are part of the demonstration movement. In recent days, the situation has become even worse: After police tried to clear an occupied university, violent clashes broke out in the surrounding area.
The Hong Kong government, led by Carrie Lam, has repeatedly criticized and tried to suppress the protests. Protesters, however, demand more autonomy and democratic freedoms for the city. The situation escalated when police stormed Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Monday to break up demonstrations there. The protesters had barricaded themselves inside the university and were fighting back with barricades and Molotov cocktails.

Violent clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong

The situation in Hong Kong has escalated dramatically. For weeks, protesters have taken to the streets to fight for more democracy and freedom. But now violent clashes have broken out between the protesters and the police.


Cdu prevents residential use

The CDU party has been criticized for quite some time for blocking the development of housing and the use of vacant residential space. Especially in metropolitan areas such as Berlin or Hamburg, vacant buildings and apartments are a major problem, while many people are desperate for affordable housing.

The root of the problem lies in the policies of the CDU, which is mainly committed to maintaining the status quo and is reluctant to embrace change. This leads to many measures that would enable better use of housing being blocked time and again.


The difference between sigma and pi tying

Atoms bond with each other by electron pairing. The nature of this bond is different and determines whether a sigma or pi bond is formed. Both bonds are covalent bonds formed by one or more pairs of electrons. They differ, however, in the way the orbitals that house the electron pairs overlap.

Sigma weave is the stronger and more common weave. It is formed by a frontal overlap of two s or p orbitals of the binding atom. There is the formation of a common pair of electrons, which is located exactly between the nuclei of the two atoms. pairs of electrons that form a sigma bond can also be involved in a pi bond.


Mek inhibitors in lung cancer – teaching old drugs new tricks

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, threatening the lives of millions of people around the world. Although there are medical treatments that can help fight the disease, the success rate is still very low.

MEK inhibitors are a group of drugs that have long been used to treat various types of cancer. These drugs target an important signaling pathway that controls cell growth and division. Recently, however, new applications have been found for these old drugs.


Magnetic signs: simple information and advertising medium

Magnetic signs can be used as information and advertising media without much installation effort. They are versatile and can be attached to various surfaces, such as metal doors or cabinets.

With magnetic signs, companies can quickly and easily draw attention to their services or products. Easy-to-grip magnetic adhesion makes the signs easy to replace and update, even with frequent changes.


Behind the curtain: steven prince tate, choreographer of “once on this island”

The Broadway show “ONCE ON THIS ISLAND” has been delighting audiences since its premiere in 1990. The musical, based on the novel of the same name by Rosa Guy, has won several awards and has since set standards in the theater world. But behind every successful show are many talented people who work hard to enchant audiences. One of those people is Steven Prince Tate, the choreographer of “ONCE ON THIS ISLAND”.

Tate is a renowned dancer and choreographer who has worked with many prominent artists. He studied at the prestigious Julliard School of Dance in New York City and began his career as a member of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. He has since worked with artists such as Janet Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston, and has been involved in numerous Broadway productions.


Credit and financial counseling – officially recognized and certified in switzerland

The financial industry is an important sector in Switzerland. There are countless credit and financial counselors available to help clients optimally plan and manage their financial resources. The best advisors are considered officially recognized and certified.

Official recognition and certification mean that these counselors successfully meet rigorous standards to ensure they are qualified and possess the highest level of expertise and ethics. This gives clients confidence, as they know they are in safe hands.


The apprenticeship in the bakery – a safe chance for the career?

In today’s world, entry-level workers often face the challenge of choosing a career that is both stable and future-proof. While some want to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, others prefer an apprenticeship or degree program to find their dream job. However, one career choice that is often overlooked is bakery apprenticeships. It may not be obvious at first glance, but an apprenticeship in bakery can provide an excellent foundation for pursuing a future-proof and lucrative career path.
In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the benefits of bakery training and how it can help launch a successful career in the bakery and pastry industry. We will also discuss the various career paths and employment opportunities in this field. You’ll find that an education as a baker or pastry chef can be a solid foundation for a career that is both financially and professionally fulfilling.
In the past, the bakery trade was often considered low-value work. But today, many bakeries and confectioneries place higher demands on their employees and are looking for well-trained specialists who can apply their knowledge and skills in a targeted manner. Therefore, the bakery trade has developed into a demanding and diverse profession that offers opportunities for a successful career. Read on to learn more about it!

Job guarantee: The advantages of training in a bakery

Training in the bakery is a safe bet that offers a job guarantee. Bakeries are everywhere, so the demand for bakers and bakery salespersons is high. In addition, the bakery trade is a traditional trade that will not die out in the future. Thus, an apprenticeship in the bakery is a good choice for young people who are looking for a secure job.


Erasmus+: subsidized further education in other european countries

In today’s globalized world, international experience is becoming increasingly important. Many students and professionals would like to improve their language skills, get to know new cultures and establish international contacts. This is where ERASMUS+ comes in.
ERASMUS+ is an EU program that gives students and staff of educational institutions the opportunity to have a funded experience abroad. Participants can choose between different educational areas, such as higher education or vocational training.
The ERASMUS+ program also includes continuing education. Thus, professionals have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, benefit from the methods and experiences abroad, and thus improve their career prospects. Currently, around 8.500 people from Germany participate in the funded further education in other European countries.
ERASMUS+ thus offers an excellent opportunity for professional and personal development, the possibility of gaining new impressions and experiences while increasing knowledge and skills.

What is ERASMUS+?

ERASMUS+ is a grant for European education, funded by the European Commission. The aim of the program is to promote intercultural exchange and to strengthen the understanding of other cultures and languages through the stay abroad.