Chestertown Recreation Commission’s Final Report on Ajax Park

The Chestertown Recreation Commission will submit its final report and recommendations to the Chestertown Council at their April 5 meeting. Click on the image to see the full report.


  1. Having lived in Chestertown on Water Street since 2016 (when the Ajax Park was renovated), I have walked past this park on the Gilchrist Trail probably at least 3 times per week on average. This includes mornings, afternoons, evenings, year-round. In those five years, I think I can count on two hands the number of times that I have actually seen anyone using the basketball court (and I would have a few fingers left over!). The few times that I have seen anyone using the court, it has been one or two people shooting hoops. I have never seen an actual game (half-court) being played there. I’ve actually seen more activity on the toddler play set, but even that is not much.

    I think this may be a solution looking for a problem. Quite possibly this court was used twenty years ago, but as the population has aged in the neighborhood around Ajax Park (especially in the downtown area) and other courts have popped up around Chestertown, there really isn’t a need for full court (or semi-full court) basketball play area in this part of Chestertown. I see more use of the basketball court that is located near the Royal Farms at the traffic circle going towards Rock Hall (across from the old flour mill).

    As others have pointed out, Kent County’s (and Chestertown’s) youth population has declined, while at the same time there are other courts throughout Chestertown that seem to be more convenient for those who want a full-court basketball play area. I know that my walking past the park may be considered anecdotal, non-scientific observations and I may be missing the times that there is actual activity at the park, but I doubt it. I would hope that the Recreation Committee has collected some data on the use of the park. I would highly recommend that they install a “wildlife camera” to observe the activity at the park over a selected month (probably during warm weather). If there is actual use of the park, then there may be merit it to it being improved. If not, I would suggest the funds for improvement of Ajax Park be put to better use.

    I’m sure there are a number of Chestertown residents, who remember fondly the basketball games played at Ajax Park 20 years ago, but unfortunately that time has moved on and I don’t see the value of spending funds on park that gets very little use.

  2. This is such a disappointing plan. My kids love Ajax. Can’t we just improve the half court, improve the playground, and add some art?

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