Prior to Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting, Chestertown Zoning Administrator Kees de Mooy and Mayor Chris Cerino held a private conversation about the planning of the Ajax basketball, which was mistakenly caught on ZOOM and published.

In the conversation the two men commiserated that the planning of the AJAX basketball court was misguided from a planning perspective and a historical perspective.

De Mooy said it was a private conversation that was not intended to go public, but he stood by his remarks about the poor planning of AJAX.

De Mooy said it was “awesome” that the recreation commission would not be presenting at the meeting on Monday.

“It made may day,” he said at the beginning of the video.

On the video, Mayor Chris Cerino said that there was never a regulation size basketball court at AJAX and the design creates a part of African American history that never existed.

“That old court was nowhere near a regulation size court,” Cerino said. “I wish I had walked [AJAX] with Frank [Rhodes] and like dude, just look at this with your own eyes…you’re wanting us to recreate something that never was.”

“And now he’s like got petitions with Big Mixx, and he’s turning it into an African-American sort of landmark case, what the f*ck,” Cerino said.

Rhodes is a member of the recreation commission and has been an advocate for the AJAX court.

In a brief phone call on Tuesday, Recreation Commission Chair Brandt Troup said the commission would move forward and present its plan for a regulation size court at the next Mayor & Council meeting. He said the Commission voted 5-0 at their March 8 meeting in favor of the plan.