Germaine’s Uptown will feature country-style Chicken ‘n Dumplings this Thursday.

The arrival cooler fall weather brings a change in menus. Chicken ‘n Dumplings returns to the line up at Germaine’s Uptown this Thursday.

“This is a familiar country dish that is made that day from scratch,” Germaine Lanaux, chef/owner of Germaine’s Uptown explained.

“We simmer chicken breast slowly until tender along with onion, celery, carrot, bay leaf and  fresh parsley to make a rich broth. The broth is separated from the chicken and vegetables. The dumplings are made with pantry ingredients, not a box mix. The dough is cut into 1/8-inch wide strips and added to the broth to thicken.”

“Back in go the chicken and vegetables. We garnish with fresh parsley from our own kitchen garden, then it’s time to eat,” Germaine said.

Germaine’s specials move quickly so you are advised to call ahead. Visit the menu online or call (443) 282-0048.

Germaine’s Uptown is located at 827 High Street, Chestertown and features curbside pickup and parking. Stop by and check out the recently installed order/pickup windows.