The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of surviving COVID-19 and material progress on racial justice in Kent County. Paul Tue III has actively worked on both of these fronts during the past year.

Tue is the co-chair of the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice and has helped to organize and lead the non-profit’s nutrition initiative to provide fresh groceries and prepared meals to Kent County elderly and school age children.

Tue is also an organizer of SACRJ’s 100 Days of Action following the murder of Floyd George last May. That effort resulted in peaceful public protests calling for police reform, empowerment of a student anti-racism organization, and supporting the organizers of the Black Lives Matters murals campaign.

Tue visited the Kent Pilot earlier in the summer and discussed the first 30 days. He returns to reflect on the accomplishments and explain SACRJ’s plans for the fall and winter, including continuing nutrition program with the assistance of grants and private donations, including the successful Paul Tue fundraising challenge to the support the program.

Finally, Tue provides his assessment of progress on racial justice awareness and reform, including the decision of Kent County Sheriff John Price and local police chiefs in Chestertown and Rock Hall to adopt a “duty to intervene” policy that imposes a duty of officers to intervene immediately in the event of a fellow officer’s use of excessive force.