Due to a spike in COVID-19 related unemployment, limited access to county offices and social distancing protocols set in place by Gov. Larry Hogan, the Kent County Commissioners on Tuesday sought to delay holding the annual tax sale until the middle of August.

“The tax sale scheduled for May 14 is off,” said Kent County Commissioner Ron Fithian in a brief interview after Tuesday’s Commissioners meeting. “A tax sale will take place no earlier than the middle of August.”

The measure will most likely pass at the next Commissioners meeting and will include a waiver of interest accrued from the time Gov. Larry Hogan closed all non-essential businesses in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 infections.

As of this story, 5,529 Marylanders have been infected and 124 have died. State and federal officials predict a peak in infections coming in the next two weeks.

The motion, if passed at the next Commissioners meeting assumes that Hogan’s emergency order will be lifted by July 1.

“If not we will have to extend it again,” Fithian said. He said around July 1 tax sale notices would be mailed out to those subject to the tax sale.