Update: The Kent Pilot has learned through an unnamed source that Arooj Khan has tendered her resignation to the Chestertown Police Department.

The Kent Pilot has learned that Chestertown’s newest police officer, on leave recovering from an accidental shooting on Feb. 5,  was having problems at her job in the Chestertown Police Department that predated the shooting. 

Sources say the officer, Arooj Khan, 30, of Annapolis, spoke to at least one member of the Chestertown Council regarding problems she was having during her field training. 

At the same time some officers at CPD were questioning whether Khan was up to the job and had expressed concerns to acting CPD Chief John Dolgos and officials of the town.

Reached for comment, Chief Dolgos said he “cannot and would not discuss any personnel issues.” 

Then discussions by town officials about Khan took a turn following the accidental shooting on Feb. 5 when Khan’s service weapon accidentally discharged in her chiropractor’s office in Anne Arundel County and struck her in the hand. The bullet then went through a wall and inflicted minor injuries to another individual at the facility.

Khan was approaching the end of her field training that began in October when the accidental shooting occurred.

The Kent Pilot believes that Khan was most likely the topic of conversation at the Town Council’s closed session on Feb. 15.

The Kent Pilot has also learned that the search is on for a new police chief, yet there is no indication that it is related to the situation with Khan.

The Kent Pilot will follow up on this story.