In response to a decision to discontinue political booths at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Chestertown, Bill Flook, President, Democratic Club of Kent County said their organization has done nothing that deserves being removed from the venue.

Democratic Club Statement on Farmers’ Market Political Booths

The Democratic Club of Kent County is disappointed in the town’s decision to exclude the club from setting up its informational booth in the nonprofits sections of the Chestertown Farmers’ Market. For the record, for many years the Democratic booth in the Farmers’ Market has maintained high standards of decency, and a positive and informative approach to political issues and candidates.  We have taken pains to be respectful of the free speech rights of our political opponents, as well as the sensibilities of Chestertown and of the patrons and vendors of the Market.  We are committed to pursuing the “high road” during this campaign season and into the future.

In the past we have maintained cordial relations with the Republican Club and Central Committee, particularly when our booths were set up together in the Market.  We are committed to following that approach.  Some years ago the town solved the question of which group could set up where, simply by assigning locations to each group.  We have always complied with all Farmers’ Market rules, and will continue to do so.

In short, we have done nothing that warrants being denied access to the Farmers’ Market, and we urge the Mayor and Town Council to reconsider their decision, and to permit us to  set up our booth in the nonprofits section.  We believe that, as with other nonprofit groups, we are providing helpful information to the patrons of the Market by being there.

In the meantime we will continue to maintain our booth in front of the Democratic headquarters office at 357 High St. in Chestertown, Saturdays 9 am to noon.  We encourage members of the public of all ages and political persuasions to come and visit – we have a lot of very informative materials to share.

Bill Flook, President, Democratic Club of Kent County