As COVID-19 drove American school children indoors, Echo Hill Outdoor School followed behind them with a new online program, “Outside Insiders.”

“Echo Hill Outdoor School is following the protective directives and staying safely closed for the time being,” explained Peter P. Rice, III, assistant director and director of operations.

“After lengthy experimentation, we settled on  5-minute video clips,” Rice continued. “And plenty of at-home activities.  It’s fun.”

Here on the Eastern Shore we are familiar with the majesty of the Chesapeake Bay and the history of Captain John Smith plotting the first chart of the Bay. It was with that in mind in 1972, when Peter P. Rice, Jr., expanded the traditions established by his parents, who founded Echo Hill near Worton, Maryland.

Using his graduate school background in educational studies, Rice, with Betsy and Andy McGowan, made first-hand experience of outdoor life on the Chesapeake Bay a reality.

To develop the “Outside Insiders” curriculum, Echo Hill staff borrowed teachings from the early Native Americans and settlers who fed and clothed themselves and built their shelters from the bountiful waters and woods that surrounded them.

Also incorporated into the program is a unique collection of rare Chesapeake boats with certified captains at their helms.

Online Classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. EST. Visit them on Facebook.

For more information call (410) 348-5880 or email  The camp is located at 136 Bloomingneck Rd, Worton, MD, 21678.