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Several employees of Lamotte Chemical received text messages during the second shift Thursday from an individual impersonating Chestertown Police Chief John Dolgos – reporting that there was an active shooter at the facility.  

The texts came in at around 7:15 p.m., Dolgos said in an interview Friday.

Dolgos said the Chestertown Police Department received a call from an employee after receiving the text message and units were dispatched units immediately. 

The units rendezvoused at the PNC parking lot across from LaMotte’s entrance on Washington Avenue in order to stage a response before moving in to evacuate the facility, Dolgos said. 

CPD, assisted by the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, swept the facility with a K-9 unit and patted down employees for weapons “as a safety precaution.” 

Dolgos thanked the employees for their cooperation with the evacuation and searches. 

“They cooperated because they knew it was necessary for the safety and security of everyone at the facility,” he said.

He said after discussions with LaMotte’s management it was decided to close the facility until 7 a.m Friday “as an abundance of caution and to give employees peace of mind.”

Dolgos said criminal charges will follow if “the individual or individuals involved” are identified.

“Fake calls like this divert resources from legitimate emergencies and puts the public at serious risk,” Dolgos said. “And impersonating a law enforcement official is a serious crime.”

The Kent Pilot was unable to reach officials with LaMotte Chemical Co. by the time this story ran.

We will update this story as soon as information becomes available.

Feature Image by shando./Flickr via CC