Fleetwood Insurance Group president Creg Fleetwood with Ag team members Marcey Peet, Stephanie Thomas and Brian Greenwood.

Fleetwood Insurance Group is excited to announce that two agents, Stephanie Thomas and Marcey Peet, have both completed their Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS) Designations. The AFIS designation is for those agents with specialized expertise in agribusiness, farm insurance and risk management. Completing the AFIS certification ensures a deep understanding of the most important insurance needs of agribusiness and farms.

Peet and Thomas, both Agribusiness Account Managers at Fleetwood Insurance Group, excelled during the demanding course, which included five continuing education courses to be completed over six months.

Peet has been with Fleetwood Insurance group for 7 years, Thomas for a year and a half, with experience at another firm for 8 years prior. Their combined expertise in Agribusiness is a sought-after addition to any insurance agency.

“The AFIS designation provides a broader, more in-depth understanding of Agribusiness and Farm Insurance in order to better assist our clients with making the best risk-management choices for their insurance needs,” said Creg Fleetwood, President of Fleetwood Insurance Group. “I couldn’t be prouder of Stephanie and Marcey; their completion of this course will help us immeasurably in terms of servicing our current ag clients and creating new client relationships.”

Fleetwood Insurance Group has been providing insurance services to the Eastern Shore and beyond for more than 70 years. The agency has built a strong reputation for excellent support and customer service.

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