Two Delaware men face attempted first and second degree murder charges in the shooting of Bradley R. Hutchinson, 23, during an argument over a trailer attached to Hutchinson’s truck.

Brandon Flowers, 35, and Anthony Ball, 32, both from Delaware, are in custody following a shooting that occurred at a residence on Golts Caldwell Road in Galena at around 7 p.m on Jan. 4, according to a joint investigation by Maryland and Delaware state police agencies.

Ball and Hutchinson were in a heated argument over the trailer when a short time later Flowers tried to unhook the trailer from Hutchinson’s truck. Hutchinson was shot in the face by Flowers when he tried to stop it.

Flowers and Ball fled but were later apprehended without incident.

Ball is in custody at the Maryland State Police Barrack in Centreville with a bail hearing pending and Flowers is awaiting extradition from Delaware.

Hutchinson, also of Delaware, is receiving treatment at Christiana Hospital in Newark.

Feature image: Tony Webster, Flickr