Steven Arnold became executive director of the Garfield Center for the Arts last winter — shortly before Gov. Larry Hogan was forced to close all entertainment venues in the state to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since then, Arnold and his colleagues have reinvented the center to keep the community connected to the performing arts. Fundraising and creating online performances has been job-one for Arnold in order to keep the center operating until society finally gets the upper hand on COVID-19.

“We’ve been pretty well supported in the time that we’ve had to close down,” he said Tuesday during an interview at Kent Pilot Studio 201 at the Imperial. “But ultimately I think that arts’ support has been a concern throughout this whole period.”

“I would ask that the public continue to support arts [organizations] and remember that you want them to be there when you come back so you can continue to enjoy what they’ve had to offer you in your life in the past,” he said.

In the 11-minute interview, Arnold discusses the virtual programming that was developed to keep performing arts and arts education available to the community.