Tyranny is an historical word used by the founders to describe a government that taxed, quartered troops, confiscated goods, including weapons, and restricted colonial trade to only England. They felt if a government was tyrannical it could be replaced by the people, through the use of arms if necessary. This is the basis of the Second Amendment; the right to bear arms to confront a tyrannical government, radical as it might sound.

Some are throwing the word “tyranny” around to justify the carrying of weapons at protests and, some of the Annapolis protestors asked the police to join them in anti-government actions, in conformity to how some of the protestors view the duty of the police in the face of what they consider tyrannical acts by the government.

As of today, there have been almost 90,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States and only 1300 or so in Maryland. The lower number in our state is largely due to the swift and decisive actions taken by Governor Hogan. He has acted as a government should: to preserve for the citizens of this state their safety and even their lives, and to protect as much as possible the lives of the frontline responders who care for the stricken.

If this is tyranny, I am more than willing to accept its conditions until we can find a path out of this wicked forest. Hogan should be thanked, not castigated.

Jim Astrachan is riding out this wave of COVID-19 at home on the Chester River while continuing the virtual battle to protect our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights.