Launching a new phase in his gubernatorial campaign, today Peter Franchot released The Franchot Pledges: A Bold Vision for Maryland’s Future, a comprehensive set of 14 pledges outlining his commitments to Marylanders if elected governor. Each pledge is a specific, substantive commitment in a critical policy area such as family-supporting jobs, controlling healthcare costs, the transition to renewable energy, affordable paths to home ownership, and tackling the student debt crisis. Together, they form a vision of competence and bold reform that will stand out from any competition.

The 14 pledges are a “living document” establishing Franchot’s priorities and paths to achieving them. These planks will be refined and enhanced as he continues to meet with communities, stakeholders and advocates throughout the state in the months ahead.

Marylanders have come to know Franchot well during his tenure as Maryland’s comptroller, where he has established himself as a champion of government efficiency and effectiveness, a careful fiscal watchdog, and an outsider who answers directly to voters. As a member of the Board of Public Works, he has saved millions of dollars in taxpayer money by reducing the use of single-bid and sole source government contracts. Marylanders have relied on Franchot to guard the state’s coveted AAA bond rating while ensuring sufficient revenues are available for programs that expand opportunities for all. Taxpayers can count on Franchot to crack down on fraud, champion small businesses and deliver first-class customer service.

Notable among the pledges are the following:

  • A commitment to major infrastructure initiatives, such as ensuring access to 5G broadband service statewide, moving Maryland to become the first net zero state in the nation, and breaking ground on public transit investments in Baltimore City and in every corner of the state.

  • Leverage public investment, workforce partnerships with labor and industry, and small business support to create 100,000 family-supporting jobs in industries of the future within the first 100 weeks of his administration.

  • Creating pathways to fully debt-free vocational or secondary education at Maryland public universities for those who live and work in Maryland for at least five years, as well as those who choose to begin their post-secondary education careers in our state

The pledges can be read in full here.

The pledges show that Franchot will be a governor who not only leads Maryland to a full recovery from the COVID pandemic, but also addresses long-standing issues that pre-date the crisis. In a letter to Marylanders accompanying the release of the pledges, Franchot stated his goal is for Maryland to be “known nationally as a bastion of economic and social fairness where all residents share in its prosperity.”

Long known for being able to attract the support of voters from every jurisdiction in Maryland, Franchot has put forward a vision that continues his commitment to be responsive to all Marylanders and illustrates he will govern and lead as a unifier.

About Peter Franchot: Franchot currently serves as Maryland’s comptroller and received more votes for his 2018 re-election than any other candidate for statewide office in Maryland’s history. A veteran of the United States Army and Maryland’s House of Delegates, as well as former staff director for then-Congressman, now U.S. Senator Ed Markey, Franchot has led the comptroller’s office to #1 in the nation for efficiency in the distribution of its more than three million tax refunds worth more than $3 billion per year with an average turn around of 2.5 days. His office recently showcased its efficiency by distributing 98% of the Covid RELIEF Act stimulus funds — more than 415,000 payments totalling $171.5 million — within just one week of the bill’s passage.