Maryland Day commemorates the day the Ark and the Dove  set sail to found the Maryland colony. Father Andrew White, S.J., reported his first-hand account of the voyage and settlement in his volume A Briefe Relation of the Voyage Unto Maryland.  

Maryland Day started in 1903 when the State Board of Education declared March 25 a day dedicated to Maryland history.  It became a state holiday in 1916.

The Ark was the vessel that transported the Maryland pioneers. Its voyage was commemorated in the Maryland Tercentenary stamp issued on March 23, 1934. The U.S. Postmaster issued 46,258,300 stamps. The first stamp was circulated at the post office in St. Mary’s City, Maryland’s colonial capital.

In 1984, the U.S. Postmaster issued the 13 cent Ark and Dove  postcard commemorating the state’s 350th Anniversary.