Chestertown McDonalds at 875 Washington Ave

A McDonald’s employee here in Chestertown worked April 28 and 29 while exhibiting symptoms of the virus, said Kent County Health Officer William Webb in a brief interview on Friday.

Webb said the employee was sent home on April 29. It was later learned through contact tracing that the employee lived with someone who had tested positive for the virus.

Webb said the individual did not work at McDonald’s the following week and was tested on May 8. A positive result came in on May 11. 

The employee has been cleared from quarantine, Webb said. 

Contact tracing went back to April 26, about 48 hours before the onset of symptoms.

He said the employee was wearing all the “usual restaurant protections, a mask, gloves and a head covering” during shifts on April 28 and 29 and was not working in a “customer-facing position at the restaurant.”

The restaurant was closed on May 13 for half the day to undergo a deep cleaning with disinfectants, Webb said.

Other employees were not tested and told to “monitor their situation.” Webb said the window of time had passed when the other employees would have contracted the virus and become symptomatic.

“If they didn’t have symptoms they were unlikely to be positive,” he said.

When asked if the restaurant was doing wellness and temperature checks before the start of each shift, Webb said he was told by management that a thermometer had been ordered.

“Not sure if they are doing temps,” he said.

Web said there are currently no other cases of COVID-19 in food establishments in Kent County.

A representative from McDonald’s did not return a request for an interview by the time this story ran.