Heather Mizeur announces 2022 run against U.S Rep Andy Harris for Maryland’s First District in taped massage on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021

Former Montgomery County Delegate and 2014 Gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur announced Thursday she will challenge six-term incumbent U.S Rep. Andy Harris for Maryland’s First District — in the wake of the “insurrection” at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 and Harris’ recent attempt to bring a gun onto the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Witnessing a treasonous insurrection against the citadel of our democracy, with the express encouragement of those bound by a Constitutional oath to protect it, is an unforgivable betrayal,” she said in a video announcing her candidacy. “Andy Harris’s actions on that day alone disqualify him from representing Maryland’s First District, but since that act of domestic terrorism, unbecoming conduct has continued to be his calling card.”

She also condemned Harris’ attempt to pick a fight with another congressman on the night following the riots in the capitol dome.

“These behaviors have stirred deep within me a conviction that we must present an alternative choice,” she said in her statement. “We deserve representation that reflects the best qualities of who we are and where we are from.”

Mizeur offered no policy initiatives in her announcement, but said her campaign will “spread a message of dignified, heart-centered, collaborative leadership, smart and innovative policy thinking, and inspired, connected communities undertaking the big challenges we face together.”

Mizeur served two terms in the Maryland House of Delegates and was widely credited for moving the Civil Marriage Protection Act towards passage in 2012 — ratifying the rights of same sex couples to marry.

In 2014, she worked across the aisle with then Del. Mike Smigel, R-Cecil, the body’s most staunch libertarian, to pass a marijuana decriminalization bill that shields misdemeanor records of Marylanders charged with minor possession of marijuana.

Prior to her two terms in the Maryland legislature, Mizeur was a policy adviser to former Sen. John Kerry.