After cancellation of 2020 property tax in sale due to COVID-19, Kent County will move forward with the annual tax sale on May 13, 2021.

The tax sale will be held virtually as a measure to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19. Real Auction will conduct the sale.

Property owners will have until May 12 to bring their taxes current in order to avoid going to tax sale. Property owners can be no more than two years behind on their taxes to avoid the tax sale.

The County will advertise the tax sale on April 22, 29 and May 6, and property owners will have until April 12 to pay without the additional cost of reimbursing the county for the advertising expense.

The Kent Pilot will publish the tax sale list on April 22 in the Community Bulletin Board section.

Property owners who owe water and sewer bills greater than $250 and are a quarter past due will also appear on the list.

Due to a spike last year in COVID-19 related unemployment, limited access to county offices and social distancing protocols set in place by Gov. Larry Hogan’s state of emergency, the county moved the May 14, 2020 tax sale to August of 2020.

But July the Commissioners cancelled the tax sale altogether on concerns that it would be difficult to physically hold the tax sale at the County office building at 400 N. High Street and maintain safety protocols needed to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Property owners were given an interest forgiveness period on delinquent taxes that ran from March to October 1 of last year.