Workers register vaccine recipients at the Kent County Community in Worton, where the vaccine clinic has been underway since Feb. 10. Photo by Daniel Menefee

Two weeks past the COVID-19 Outbreak at Angelica Nurseries, Kent County has rebounded to have the lowest infection rate in the state — and is second in the state for completed immunizations, said Kent County Health Officer William Webb in a brief interview Monday.

Kent’s infection rate is less than 1 percent at .77, while the state infection rate hovers around 5 percent. As the infection rate has dropped dramatically in Kent, nearly 25 percent of county’s population has been fully immunized. This is a close second only to Talbot County.

March 29 begins Week-16 of Kent’s vaccination program and the health department is scheduled to receive an allocation of 100 first-doses and 200 second-doses of the Moderna vaccine — and 200 single shot doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This is the second shipment of Johnson & Johnson doses since they first arrived in Kent during Week-12.

Webb reiterated his comments last week that wider availability of the vaccine will be apparent in the next three weeks with mass vaccination sites opening up regionally. He said July 1 remains Gov. Larry Hogan’s target date for the state to be fully immunized — but for Kent that date could come even sooner.