Within hours after Gov. Larry Hogan announced new restrictions in response to the long anticipated fall COVID-19 surge, Kent Health Officer William Webb warned the Kent County Commissioners that the low numbers locally compared to the rest of state were only temporary if adherence to safety protocols were not taken seriously.

“To date Kent County has been spared from the most recent surge,” he said at the Nov. 17 Commissioners meeting. “Our time is coming if our vigilance wanes. The metaphor I like to use is that of tides. Kent County stands on high ground, we can see the water rising, but we do not know how high it will go or how rough the waves will be. I am here to warn everyone to grab their boots.”

Yesterday Gov. Larry Hogan announced that the state’s positivity rate had climbed to 6.85 percent and as of yesterday, Kent’s positivity rate was 2.76. 

Kent also has a significantly lower number of cases per 100,000. The state case rate has climbed to just shy of 31 percent, and as of Tuesday Kent’s rate was 11.77.

“Kent County currently sits in a good position relative to our neighbors,” he continued.  “I am grateful to be a citizen of Kent County and the way our community has responded to this emergency.”

“I caution everyone not to become complacent. We stand at a turning point,” he said. “The COVID virus is outside ready to spread mercilessly if we allow it. Our community’s success will rest with the actions and personal responsibilities everyone takes. I urge all to please continue to wear masks, stay at home if you are high risk, wash your hands, and keep your distance while socializing. Your efforts make a difference. These measures work.”

Webb urged Kent residents to break with tradition this Thanksgiving and avoid large gatherings.

“Do not travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house,” he said. “Remember the virus is aggressively spreading here and elsewhere.”

He also suggested Black Friday shoppers do their Christmas shopping online.


Feature Image credit: Flickr / Mgstanton