In an interview with the Kent Pilot on Monday, Dec. 7, four-term Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot discussed his bid for Governor in 2022, stimulus measures he says are needed at the state level — and the state’s future under a Biden/Harris administration. 

In anticipation of Congress passing a stimulus deal before year’s end, Franchot said the state should provide additional stimulus of its own and do it ASAP.

“It looks like [Congress] is going to get something short-term by the end of this year and I strongly applaud the Congress if they’re able to produce that,” he said. “I happen to think that the State of Maryland should step up with a state relief plan to match the federal relief plan, and I think they should do it yesterday.”

Franchot said that an additional $1 billion should be pulled from the Maryland’s Rainy Day Fund to help small businesses.

“If it isn’t rainy now on small businesses I don’t know when it will ever be,” he said. He said the state could also use $585 million of the general fund balance to help families with rent and food security.

He discussed the importance of small independent newspapers and ending the “anger and hatred” generated at the free press by calling it “fake news.”

Franchot closed with comments on former Senator Paul Sarbanes, who passed away on Dec. 6 at the age of 87.