The Kent County Commissioners on Tuesday voted to use the $65,000 remaining in the County’s revolving loan fund to help struggling businesses during the pandemic.

Grants of $1,000 and other amounts were suggested and the money would not have to be paid back.

Kent Economic Development Director Jamie Williams will submit a plan and application process by the next Commissioners’ meeting for approval. The plan will determine which businesses qualify and the actual amount of the grants.

The commissioners expressed concern that there would not be enough money to go around by the time the fund is depleted.

The grants would be narrowly tailored to those businesses that have been unable to obtain funds through federal and state programs set aside to help businesses weather the COVIID-19 pandemic.

In other business, the county voted to extend the renewal of liquor licenses and until 30 days after Gov. Larry Hogan lifts the state of emergency. 

Most of the businesses have applied to renew their licenses, said Commissioners’ Clerk Sondra Blackiston, but that the county would wait to cash the renewal checks until 30 days after the order is lifted.

She said some of the businesses were worried the renewal checks would be cashed.