When the potential economic impact of COVID-19 and its effects on Kent School families became clear, administrators at Kent School created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Families. The fund, which has been supported by several generous donors, is meant to support families feeling financial strain due to restrictions on business activities or changes in employment status which could have an impact on a families’ ability to remain at Kent School.

Head of School, Nancy Mugele said, “A large percentage of Kent School families are small business owners and we know they are feeling the burden of forced closures or decreased hours of operations directly. Grants from our COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Families are meant to alleviate a little of their financial stress in this very uncertain time. So far, we have been able to support five Kent School families who are experiencing sudden financial need.”

Fundraising began with a few interested donors and was recently more broadly publicized at Kent School’s virtual auction where donors could make a contribution online. To date, Kent School has raised nearly $12,000. Jen Matthews ‘01, Director of Development and Alumni Relations said, “Several individuals have expressed interest in learning more about and participating in this initiative to support our community members. It became clear that we should broaden our appeal if financial uncertainty continues for our families. We will be in a better position to help.”

With a strong history of graduating students well-equipped for continued college preparatory study at top independent boarding and day schools, parochial, and public high schools, Kent School provides a rigorous academic program in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Contributions to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Families will guarantee that we can continue to provide our students with the teaching and learning that they deserve.

Anyone interested in making a donation to Kent School’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Families may contact Jen Matthews. 01 at jmatthews@kentschool.org or visit our website at wwwk.kentschool.org/donate. Checks may be mailed to Kent School at 6788 Wilkins Lane, Chestertown, MD 21620.

Kent School is an independent school for girls and boys in Preschool through Grade Eight located on the bank of the Chester River in historic Chestertown. Its mission is to help students reach their full potential in academic, artistic, athletic and moral excellence.

Contact: Tricia Cammerzell