The Kent County Health Department did not receive its shipment of COVID-19 vaccines last week in Week 10 of the county’s vaccine program that began Feb. 15.  Inclement weather in the Midwest was to blame.

The health department was still able to keep scheduled appointments made the week before and administered 279 first doses and 132 second doses to finish out Week10 with 411 shots.

The county was allocated 600 doses, 300 for first doses and 300 for Week 10 that never came due to weather related problems at the UPS shipping hub in Louisville.  The weather also created a worker shortage at Moderna’s distributor, McKesson, making it difficult to pack and ship the vaccine.

Webb said the county is scheduled to receive the back shipment this week plus 600 doses promised for Week 11, which begins Feb. 22.

Week 11’s shipment was also slated to be split evenly between first and second doses, but Webb said he would redirect a majority of the first doses to second doses to complete the immunization process for approximately 1,100 residents.

“We’re hoping to do 1,100 second doses this week,” he said in a brief interview Monday.

As of Monday, Feb. 22 Webb said there were 441 appointments scheduled so far and that the health department was in the process of scheduling 400 doses for Wednesday and 400 doses for Friday at the Kent Center in Worton.

Feature Image: Flickr/Mroach