With less than a day before FarmersWagon.org was scheduled to receive its first delivery of fresh produce and protein from local food producers, Rosemary Ramsey Granillo, the Director of Kent County’s Local Management Board, notified the organization, during a morning conference call, that the County would be undergoing a competitive bid process for the CARES Relief Funding that has been allocated for deliveries to senior and homebound residents. The Local Management Board had hoped to move forward with a sole-source contract with FarmersWagon.org but decided to enter into a bid process to ensure reimbursement from the Federal Government and the COVID-19 CARES Relief Fund.

In an email to FarmersWagon.org volunteers, the organization’s Executive Director, Lyle Pinder, wrote: “While I’m disappointed in the way this was handled, the most important takeaway from today’s call is that the 200 plus senior households who have come to rely on the program will not be impacted by the reversal.” Additionally, Pinder announced that “We will redirect the focus of our resources and energy to our own Care Package program which has been funded by our retail sales since our inception.”

The Feed the Elderly Initiative will return to the Kent County Community Center while the County begins the competitive bid process. Social Action Committee for Racial Justice and Sumner Hall will continue to coordinate volunteers, donations, and deliveries.

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About FarmersWagon.org

FarmersWagon.org is a non-profit organization that works to ensure access to fresh locally sourced food via an online farm-to-door market that offers products from local food producers delivered directly to your door. The volunteer-based project started following the initial closure of the Chestertown Farmers Market by Mayor Chris Cerino and the Town Council in March 2020. The project’s mission is funded by retail sales, with 70% of the online market’s NET profits committed to providing care packages for local households.

Photo courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr Creative Commons