Ellie Ada Mattuissi

Ellie Ada Mattiussi arrived into this world in Newcastle NSW, Australia on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 born to Morgan and David Mattiussi. She was 3.675 kg or 8.10 lbs. David is third generation Australian – Italian. Morgan is a first generation Australian – American.

Proud grandparents welcoming the new arrival are paternal grandparents Jenny and Adrian Mattiussi of Sydney NSW and maternal grandparents Robin Austin of Highlands, NC and Bill Minus of Chestertown, MD.

Commenting on his new granddaughter after meeting her on a Facetime call, proud grandfather and Kent Pilot commenter remarked, “I thought all babies looked alike until this one. Ellie is a plump little thing looking around and moving her hands. She didn’t have much to say.”