No charges will be filed against any of the four teens involved in an alleged racial incident at Washington College in February.

Chestertown Police Chief John Dolgos said after a thorough investigation, and consultation with the Kent County State’s Attorney, it was determined there was insignificant evidence to charge any of the teens with a crime.

The most recent incident at WC occurred on Feb. 16 when a dark gray Chevrolet Suburban drove through the campus waving a TRUMP flag–with occupants shouting the N-word several times at a black female student. Four white high school age suspects, three males and one female, were identified.

A bystander witnessed the incident and was interviewed by CPD.

The decision not to charge the teens follows an intense conversation on race relations at the March 2 Chestertown Council meeting, where college and community leaders voiced concern about similar incidents that have occurred over the last three years–and escalated last fall.

Washington College President Kurt Landgraf said his biggest concern was for the safety of the students. He said racial incidents have occurred since he became President of the college three years ago.

“This just didn’t start happening,” he said at the March 2 council meeting. “This has been happening the entire three years that I’ve been here: drive-bys, people in pickup trucks screaming at our students.”

“When these things start to escalate it’s not a long jump from words to physical violence, and that scares me beyond anything else,” Landgraf said.

The Social Action for Racial Justice Committee (SARJC) Steering Committee will hold its monthly meeting, March 10 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Sumner Hall, 206 S. Queen St., in Chestertown. Newcomers are welcome.