These are uncertain times. We fear for our families, our employers and ourselves. Survival of Covid-19 in isolation is going to take self-discipline–and we must continue to follow Gov. Larry Hogan’s plan.

COVID-19 is deadly. Will we survive? Uncertainty unleashed leads to fear then panic, which can lead to a breakdown in society.

Who do you believe offers the best guidance, the President, the Governor, Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx? Do we believe news outlets and their talking heads or do we believe the-end-of-the-world crowd? Is it even safe to go to the grocery store?

It is hard to rally the people to promote hope when you can’t rally the people in a congregate fashion. This month we celebrate Holy Week, Passover and the start of Ramadan. In most times of national crisis the pulpits would join the cry for community action. But, this time, the congregation is not there to listen.  Over time, press conferences and even Zoom lack the power of providing access to the personal touch.

When I am preparing myself for a confrontation, I like to have a visual representation. For COVID-19, I harken once again back to the annual presentation of the Passover scene in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments (Distributed Paramount Pictures, released in 1956). COVID-19 is much like the Terror by Night that visited Egypt. Even in black and white, my child’s eye appreciated the connection between Danger and Leader and Survival. The scene has come to mind daily as COVID-19 spreads on its rampage.

The Kent Pilot’s objective is to inform.

As part of our COVID-19 coverage, Kent Pilot editor Dan Menefee regularly checks in with Dr. Wendy Cronin, infectious disease specialist and Chestertown resident. Dr. Cronin’s message is consistent with CDC recommendations.

Large and small, our local food stores are providing safety tools like antiseptic wipes for the carts and to wipe off your items. Please use them.

We are assured the supply chain is moving.  But we still see store shelves empty of toiletries. (Note to Hoarders: shop for the week not the month.) The price of jumbo eggs seems to have doubled. (Note to Price-gougers: do your part.)

Workers laid off still wait for unemployment checks. Businesses that are closed wait for emergency loans and grants. Other businesses struggle to keep their doors open–waiting for relief loans from SBA Payroll Protection Program.

Hogan advises that Maryland will see a peak in COVID-19 cases in the next two weeks and tensions are bound to rise as we wait out the peak.

We need to keep our cool and practice civility in our personal and business dealings. We cannot let our anxiety and frustration get the better of us. Hopefully by the end of April, the ‘all clear’ will sound.

In the meantime, the Kent Pilot will continue to follow the crisis.