On Monday, December 28, 2020, Daphne Elizabeth Moyer, dearly loved daughter and granddaughter, passed away at the age of 17. 

Daphne was born at Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE, and spent her first 10 years of life in Landenberg, PA, where she enjoyed frequent visits to Longwood Gardens. She moved to Kent County, MD in 2014, and lived in Chestertown, MD for the past five years. Daphne enjoyed the scenic views of the Chester River and loved to watch the wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay Area

Daphne was predeceased by her Paternal Grandmother, Ursula Moyer, and her Great-Grandparents, Quincy and Shirley Blevins, and Walter and Lillian Warren. She is survived by her mother, Jennifer Warren, her father, Raymond Moyer, Grandparents Charles and Sharon White, and Richard Warren. Other family members who were close to Daphne include her Uncle, Chad White, Aunt and Uncle Dennis and Beth Smith, and close family friend and dearly loved caregiver Judy Skeffington, as well as many cousins, extended family, caregivers and friends.

Daphne faced many health challenges during her life, but faced all challenges with bravery and strength. Her sweet smile would light up the day of all who knew her. Daphne enjoyed taking strolls through parks and places of beauty, she loved to sit by the water and listen to the movement, whether it was the splash of a wave, the trickle of a fountain, or the babble of a stream. She’d often stick out a toe to enjoy the sensation of water moving across her foot. Daphne also loved the feeling of the breeze, and was known to lift up her arms to feel the breeze more fully. Daphne loved to listen to music, and going to concerts and shows. She enjoyed getting compliments on her beautiful, red hair. Her favorite thing was being near people she loved and connecting by offering a hand to hold, or a foot to rub. Her gentle, loving spirit was a gift to all who knew her.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be a small, private service with Daphne’s closest loved ones. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to The Children’s Tumor Foundation