(from left) Lauren Nickerson, Dawna Nickerson, Dwayne Nickerson, and Dylan Nickerson

As COVID-19 continues to create hardship for business owners across the Eastern Shore, stories of businesses thriving during this economic slowdown are few and far between. The Sudlersville Frozen Meat Locker is doing just that: flourishing and finding ways to meet the community’s needs during a pandemic, to ultimately boost their business to highs they haven’t experienced until now.

Purchased in 1997 by Dwayne and Dawna Nickerson, The Sudlersville Frozen Meat Locker, a USDA butcher and meat market business, is truly a family affair. Both of their children, Lauren and Dylan Nickerson, play an active role in the business. The facility has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings; it has expanded from a small-town meat market to a well-known business currently booking into September of 2021.

Meat is prepared for packaging at Sudlersville Frozen Meat Locker

With financing provided by The Peoples Bank, the Meat Locker has added new smokers, two new processing rooms, and a new walk-in cooler. These additions have served to expand their business and ability to accommodate their customers with a larger selection and a greater volume of products.

COVID-19 made expansion a necessity. As the demand for locally-sourced, fresh meat spiked with meat shortages and inconsistent grocery store stock, the Sudlersville Frozen Meat Locker saw miles-long lines of cars waiting for their pre-ordered chicken, beef and pork.

“Through COVID-19, our business is thriving. During our busiest times we had as many as 1800 orders within 6 hours,” said Lauren Nickerson, the marketing arm of her family’s business. “We are honored to have been able to stay open and serve the public and the community with fresh, locally grown meats.”

Their success, to the tune of a 30% increase in customers, is all about their family and hard-working employees. “Sudlersville Meat Locker has been successful because we are family owned and operated,” Nickerson stated. “We truly care about our customers, and our employees go above and beyond for them. Without our family and friends, we could not have gotten through COVID-19. We feel incredibly thankful.”

By Meghan Livie
The Peoples Bank

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