You knew the day of reckoning was coming for the “Grand Dame of North Queen Street” when CPD Chief John Dolgos and Tom Sappington, Superintendent of Streets began advising neighbors that the 100 block of N. Queen Street would close for three days in order to remove a giant the American Elm at the corner of N. Queen and Church Alley.

The Grand Dame of North Queen Street was over 100 years old.

The aging tree was ravaged by disease. It measured 99 feet tall and had a crown width of 91 feet. The tree had buckled the sidewalk and was posing a hazard to citizens and property.

The State Highway Administration, Delmarva Power, and Town Manager Bill Ingersoll coordinated removal of the tree.

By the end of last week, yellow no parking signs started to appear on Queen Street, up Church Alley and around the corner on High Street. Yellow door hangers also warned residents of a power shutdown this Tuesday and Wednesday. Even the Kitchen at the Imperial and the Kent Pilot had to make contingency plans — though no power outage actually occurred by press time on Wednesday.

The work was expeditious. By Monday morning all vehicles were gone from the block that stretches from Maple Avenue to High Street. Crews from Asplundh and Davey tree companies, as well as representatives of Delmarva Power, State Highway Administration, and town maintenance crews, converged on the location with super extended bucket trucks and a crane.

Trucks took the debris to town owned property on John Hanson Road. The work was scheduled for completion by end of business on Wednesday.