1768 Mason Dixon Strip Map showing detail of location of Crownstone 55 (in red) submitted on November 30, 2014, by Allen C. Browne of Silver Spring, Maryland. Source: loc.gov. Feature Image source: Pennsylvania Center for the Book.

This Week’s Kent County History Quiz: Why was the Mason-Dion line established?

A. As part of the settlement of the Civil War.

B. To determine ownership of property.

C. As part of the Wells-Fargo delivery service.

D. To formally set the Maryland-Pennsylvania boundaries.

The correct answer is D, To formally set the Maryland-Pennsylvania boundaries.

In 1763, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were employed to settle the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania (part of which is now Delaware).  In 1767 the King in Council ratified the Mason and Dixon Line as the settled boundary between the two colonies. Five Mason-Dixon monuments can be located in Kent County.

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