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NOTE:  I started this a week or so ago in fear of what might happen on January 6, and worse, on the 20th. Now today, on the 6th at 5pm, and almost sick to my stomach, I am going to attempt to finish it.

At 78, I am, for the first time in my life, ashamed of my government and many of my fellow citizens. Never in my wildest imagination could I have dreamed of what is going on in our nation’s capital this afternoon. We’ve all seen the shame on TV–calling out the National Guard to assist the Capitol Police and DC Police in controlling what can be called nothing short of a riot. 

I have enjoyed contributing to The Kent Pilot over the past year. The last several months of 2020 and now the first week of 2021 have sent me into a state of confusion I’m not at all happy with. 

I’ve had my share of bad luck or made bad decisions over the years. An old friend used to say, “I’ve never been in jail or been bankrupt, but have come damn close.” In other words, I’ve seen a lot, but nothing like 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Where  in God’s name is this country going?  Are we no longer even a country, or just a group of mindless sheep following along? 

I find myself concerned for my children and, even more so, for their offspring. 

The bright spot in 2021, so far, is my first grandchild that is expected any day in Australia. I never thought I would be glad my grandchild will be a citizen of another country, but, sadly, I am. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up on our country, but I am frightened. That’s how concerned I am.  It has also become hard for me to  come up with fun memories or bright spots from my past at this distressing time.

Maybe this will be hard for many of you to understand, and my small voice will make no difference; but, please give it some thought. 

Maybe later, we’ll see.

Keep Wearing Your Masks!


  1. I agree where are we going ,where has the true journalist gone? Where has the notion of let’s live and let live and all attempt to get along? nowhere is it ok to be my way or the highway and then try to ram it down our throats.

    @020 has riots but the media and the left called them peaceful demonstrations, some demanded elimination of police, some have lobbied for socialism.

    What happened in DC is wrong, terrible but no more wrong that the things that proceeded it. It was truly a stain on our country and it widened the GAP between the Left and Right. So how do we get our nation back on stable footing?

    Fix what’s wrong on both sides take care of our nation not the rest of the world be the Republic our founders set out for us to be, not some member of a borderless world where the socialist,communists reign supreme and the regular people who make up almost all of us will suffer and be without anything that resembles our great nation.

    Wise up get along respect others views but find a way to bring us back as a great nation by the people and for the people and by that i mean the citizens of our country.

  2. I can hear the wind leaving your sails Bill. The Media, and especially the Social Media outlets, now need to be held to higher standards or the Far Right and Left will continue to feed toxins to the extremists. Freedom of the Press should not include using it to incite an insurrection or coup.
    Yesterday reminded me of a boy I knew long ago that was upset about being thrown out of a frat party at W&M college. He decided to come back to light a little a bush on fire and watch it burn. Let’s just say it got way out of control and completely ruined the rest of his life and that of his family.
    Now Republicans have a decision to make, do they excommunicate the Black Sheep of their family or pander to his base. We can pray that no more violence and bloodshed will come from this cancer but unless those who feed the flames of hate stop profiting from their demonic actions this will be a slow, slow healing process.

  3. What happened at the Capitol this week was the fault of a power-mad President, enabled and egged on by henchmen and sycophants as well as by a subgroup of Republican lawmakers, who does not believe in democracy, for whom “truth” is meaningless, and who thrives and feeds on destruction and chaos. He, and then, have fomented and incited unrest and violence from the beginning of his administration. The disgusting denouement on Wednesday was the inevitable result of the Presidency of an abusive petty gangster and, crucially, shameful and conscienceless Senators and Members of Congress who were willing to smash the foundation of our republic, the will of the voters, for their own grasping ambitions, or because they’re in the thrall of a demagogue. To shift the responsibility to the amorphous “media” or “partisanship” is dangerous.

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