This Week’s History Quiz Question:

An inset from a John South photo, taken between 1901 and 1910, shows the fountain donated by Harriett L. Hill, dedicated to the memory of her father, George B. Westcott. Notice the dog-cat bowls on the bottom, and the flower pot on top that are now missing. This image has been sharpened in PhotoShop.

To whose memory was the small fountain at the south end of Monument Park in Chestertown dedicated?

A. George Vickers
B. George Washington
C. George Westcott
D. None of the above

The Answer: C. George Westcott

The fountain at the south end of Monument Park was funded by Mrs. Harriet L. Hill and erected in memory of her father George B. Westcott.

It was unveiled on August 8, 1900. The fountain was unique because it provided drinking water for people, horses, dogs and cats. The urn at the top of the six-foot-tall fountain was a planter. The first to drink out of the fountain was a horse owned by James Deford. The dog/cat bowls and the planter are now missing. – Source: Kent News.

The old picture is an inset from a John South picture about the time the fountain was installed. It’s important because you can see the dog and cat bowls on the bottom and the planter on top, now missing.

Special thanks to Kevin Hemstock for sharing this local history and shedding light on one of Chestertown’s favorite tributes.

The Kent County History Quiz is a weekly local brainteaser sponsored by The Peoples Bank. Our goal is to create an opportunity for local learning and discussion. We welcome back local historian and former newspaper editor Kevin Hemstock, who authored this week’s quiz and answer. 

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