Under the old banner The Transcript is an April 9, 1885 obituary of Thomas C. Rasin of Still Pond.

This week’s History Quiz Question: What Year Did the Chestertown Transcript first publish?

A. 1802

B. 1832

C. 1862

D. 1892

The Answer is:  C.  1862

Eben Francis Perkins, a Chestertown attorney, started the Chestertown Transcript on May 20, 1862, which became competition for the already established weekly the Kent News.  The Transcript was published weekly until it merged with the Kent County News February 1, 1946.

The Transcript’s format almost mirrored the Kent News with the front page covering travel and foreign news; and the second page, clips from other news publications.  Local news was minimal, and the advertising was just local.

Feature image: The September 6, 1919 front page.

In 1888, the paper was sold to Richard H. Collins, Sr., an experienced newsman.  At his death in 1935, Richard H. Collins, Jr., continued its publication, but included more local news, which had increased as an area of reader interest.

Both the Transcript and the Kent News were Democratic and competed vigorously for attention.  In 1893 they were joined by a third weekly newspaper, the Enterprise, that eventually became the “Republican voice.” The three weekly publications continued until the 1940s when the realization dawned that the public needed better news coverage and changes needed to be made.

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