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This Week’s Kent County History Quiz Question: Name one of the two Maryland delegates who in 1959 submitted legislation to study a bridge crossing from the tip of Eastern Neck Island to Love Point?

  1. Elroy G. Boyer
  2. Tilghman Eaton
  3. Thomas Hunter Lowe
  4. Charles F. Risley

This Week’s Answer: Elroy G. Boyer

Kent County delegates Elroy G. Boyer, Sr. and W. Paul Joiner introduced a resolution during the 1959 General Assembly session that would study the construction of a span across the Chester River at its mouth from the tip of Eastern Neck Island to Love Point at the northern end of Kent Island. In an interview at the time, Del. Boyer was open to a feasibility study, noting that neither delegate “had any figures as to the possible cost, best route and potential traffic.” The over the water portion was estimated to exceed three miles.

Del. Boyer would serve in the House from 1959 until 1971 when he was elected to the Maryland Senate where he served until 1978. Boyer ran in the special election to fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Rogers C.B. Morton as Secretary of the Interior by President Richard Nixon. He lost to William Mills, Morton’s chief of staff.

Boyer retired from politics to returned to fulltime law practice. He was later appointed to the Circuit Court for Kent County in 1987 and was elected in 1988 to a 15 year term. He retired in May, 1990 at the age of 70.

Del. Joiner was a farmer and former Register of Wills for Kent County before being elected to the House in 1951. He and Boyer were the last delegates under the old county-centric system that allowed for one senator and two delegates for the smaller jurisdictions. That system was replaced when the Supreme Court struck down mini-federal systems to enforce the one-person, one-vote apportionment during the 1960s.

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