The former church location is shown on the 1877 map of Chestertown. Feature Image: Excerpt from T.M. Fowler & Cos’ Birdseye view of Chestertown. The 1868 church is featured in the foreground.

This Week’s Kent County History Question: Where was the original Janes Church located in Chestertown?

A. Fish Street

B. High Street

C. Mill Street

D. Queen Street

The Answer: D. Queen Street.

The original Janes Church, built in 1868 to replace an “African Methodist meeting house,” was located at the foot of Queen Street, however, Princess Street, as that part of Queen Street was once called, is also an acceptable answer. So is Quaker Neck Road, because the road has changed since the church was there. The 1868 building was destroyed by a fire in 1914. Janes Church was then rebuilt at its present location on the corner of Cross and Cannon streets. – Source: Various

Courtesy of the Historical Society of Kent County — The old Janes church on Quaker Neck Road at Queen St. in Chestertown.

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