A Voshell House postcard circa 1910. Source: Enoch Pratt Library.

This Week’s Kent County History Quiz Question: What building stood at the corner of Spring and High prior to The Peoples Bank?

A. Bonnett’s

B. The Worrell Arms

C. Voshell House

D. None of the above

This Week’s Answer:  The Voshell House

The picturesque Voshell House with its colorful awnings presided as a home away from home from the time of its erection  by C. T. Ringgold in 1864 to its demise in the 1960s when The Peoples Bank acquired the land and built their main branch building. It cost Ringgold $28,000 to build the grand structure on the prominent corner of High and Spring Streets.

A visitor from New Jersey to the Voshell House in 1949, when she was 14 years old, recalled that it was “old fashioned then, with one bathroom down the hall.”

With sadness, she also recalled: “Our housekeeper came with us and  she had to be housed separately in a little house in a back street, run just for Black people.  Different world then.  I was fond of her and didn’t think it was right, but could not argue with convention.  She couldn’t wait to get back North.”

An advertisement for the Voshell House published in the Denton Journal, August 12, 1882. Source: Newspapers.com.

An interesting note found in Article Archives of myeasternshore.com:  “At one time, before the Voshell House was razed….the Nuttle Lumber Company of Denton had built a darling little two-story house which stood for years as an advertising exhibit on the vacant lot between the Post Office and the Voshell House.”

A postcard of the High Street facade of the Voshell House dated August 28, 1939, shows the location of the Kent County Health Department and a dental office that were housed in the Voshell House Annex.  A Standard Oil gas station is shown next to the Annex. (postcard from Chestertown and Kent County by R. Jerry Kaiser, Patricia Joan O. Horsey and William A. (Pat) Biddle.

As always we are grateful to those researchers that have mined information before us and our readers who share their memories.

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