Depiction of American Indians of the Chesapeake region. Source: Chesapeake Conservancy’s Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail publication.

This Week’s Kent History Quiz Question: At the time of John Smith’s arrival in the Chesapeake Bay in 1608, there were two Algonquian tribes living in modern day Kent County. The Tockwogh were one tribe. What was the other tribe?

a. Lenni Lenapes

b. Ozinies

c. Susquehannocks

d. None of the above

Correct answer: The Ozinies

The Tockwogh and the Ozinies lived on Kent Island and along the Sassafras and Chester rivers. They were part of the Algonquian Nation, an American Indian nation that occupied much of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal Carolina regions. That would change when the English arrived. John Smith reportedly encountered the Tockwogh who told Smith of the Ozinies. “Ozinie” is Algonquian for porcupine quills. The Ozinies are believed to have lived along the Chester River in the Langford Creek area based on reports and evidence of oyster shell deposits.

Kent County historian and author Joan Horsey contributes to the Kent County History Quiz.